Monday, January 16, 2017

Visit 1

I wish that I could post photos of the visit, but I can't. It was a delight to see "Owen" again after about two and a half years. He is very verbally receptive, still no expressive language, and very energetic (hyper was the word Toni used...). The play room at DMS-3A is much improved, and really quite astounding. If I had to design a playroom, it might have looked like that.

But, it's the visit playroom (though it was so new, I didn't have a sense of whether the kids use it regularly), and it was a lot for "Owen" to take in, so he was somewhat overwhelmed - ball pits do that.

However, I sat and talked and watched and tossed an O-ball around with him a bit. I have so little Bulgarian that I can't say much to him, but I can read some from his face. He wasn't much interested in me until the nurse stepped out for a bit, then he warmed up and tried to make me open the translator's water bottle to get him a drink. I offered him mine, but he was quite insistent on the crackly disposable one, and used hand-over-hand to show me what he wanted me to do - this was pretty great. He's very able to communicate his desires. The nurse brought him a tin of water to drink, which he did by himself, using two hands, with minimal spilling (the bouncing induced by lots of stimulation I suppose).

Speaking of stimulus, he appears to have a few of the "standard" institutional stims, like playing with clothing, occasional head bonking (on the soft rail of the play area, and not violent), and chewing (on the same rail). Some kind of mouth-toy will probably be a helpful transitional object.

He's on 3 meds, and I got the BLG-pronounced names, but I need to get an actual med sheet before I go. The report on his self-feeding was good (and his drinking was fine). Tomorrow I have asked to be with him at a mealtime, either to help (if needed) or observe.

He has some gait issues, but nothing looks terrible, just like a boy who hasn't had enough outdoor time and running. He was mildly interested in photos of the kids, but has no reference for rabbits (pictured with Took & Porgies). He can sit on the toilet, but uses diapers due to signaling issues - something we presently understand from Porgies... who doesn't use diapers, and just occasionally uses the floor if he's too focused. He'll have a friend...

Praise God, they were happy to have two visits per day, so we return in about 40min. Now I am recording thermo lectures in the flat we have rented, which is very nice (once you are inside). Photos below.

Let us all rejoice in the Lord, for he is good, alleluia, for his mercy endures forever and ever, alleluia.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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