Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 4, Visit 2

This afternoon's visit was just pleasant. "Owen" and I spent about 20 minutes just munching a Clif bar (chocolate chip again, I grabbed the bar blindly). Then we spent much time drinking out of my water bottle. In all this I have been trying to model and prompt signs, just "molya" ("please"), and "merci". He was mixing them up a bit, but he was trying to use them. Clif bars are good motivators, I guess.

After snacking, we played rolling the water bottle. He really wanted to play this with the nurse, and only grudgingly included me in the game. But we played in a triangle for a while, Him -> Nurse -> Me -> Him...

Then he wanted the translator and nurse to help him with drinks (they don't wave your hands around all weird, or something). That's when he managed to slosh. That's when sloshing became registered in his mind as "new best game", and that's when I put away the bottle. That prompted a bit of frustration and a walk to the door, but then we made up and played swinging for the rest of the time. Today was Bach. I understand. Bach is orderly. Order is good.

We actually played to the end of the visit! One more tomorrow, then ciao for now...

Thank you for your prayers,

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  1. Praying for you and "Owen". Just now able to read your blog updates on my return from NW. Praying you and family all regain health and "Owen" understands that God is at work. Love you.


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