Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 4, Visit 1, Photo 2

The visa photo came out much better today. He is a handsome fellow, when he wants to stay in one place.

The Clif bar was a hit (chocolate chip, of course). It made waiting 20 minutes in the car for the photos to print a fun time, not misery. The play visit was good: we stuffed the photos in his album (and he worked on tearing out a page), we tried peek-a-boo (not much traction), we walked around a bit, we played with the translator's satchel (I will have to get "Owen" one for the trip home - I think it's a being-big badge - I will give him his monkey backpack with all the keepsakes tomorrow, perhaps that will suffice). We'll try a peanut-butter Clif bar this afternoon, and work on finding good games. Truly, though, I get the feeling that "Owen" just wants to be out and doing stuff. We'll need to spend a lot of time working on the back yard before he comes home...

Another highlight of the visit was poop! I had observed some effort-face and a bit of smell, and very soon "Owen" clearly directed my hand to the appropriate "diaper-check" position on the back of his waistband. Yep, sure enough. The nurse took him for a change (yeah, I know, I could have pushed to do the change, but we'll get there when we get there), and on the way back, he saw lunch carts. That was the end of the visit. I'll see him again in an hour or so, and am praying for another good (though sadly, penultimate) visit. But the nurse today was very sweat, and she showed me a photo of her daughter in what looked like traditional dancing costume. She was very glad to see our family picture and the Good Shepherd that Aunt Cathy sent.

I just looked it up, and his name day is 27 December, which was my parents' anniversary, so we'll have more good things to celebrate in Christmastide.

Thank you for your prayers,

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