Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Addendum approval

Thankfully, USCIS approved our address-change addendum with no fuss and no delay!  Thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Court date!

I never knew bureaucracy could be so exciting.  We have a court date on 28 November, so we will be thankful for that on Thanksgiving.  Thank you all for your prayers and for your support on YouCaring!  We remain grateful for assistance, as we're pretty sure the heavy lifting hasn't begun yet.

Perhaps God will work the travel dates to fall within my 10 December to 12 January break between semesters.  I would appreciate prayers to that end!

In Christ,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


That month before the baby comes
the world waits with bated breath
and on you go, like normal, knowing
that normal cannot last;
the pause will end, you know,
the lapse between the lives;
before and after so disresemble one another
as sometimes siblings do.

You know that pause?
While God holds fixed his baton
with fingers lightly pinched
before the crash, the entrance,
the next movement in the cacophonous symphony of our lives?


For months on end.
Without sight of end.
Without a timeline, that,
be it love or loss,
will deliver.

And so, we wait,
knowing that our Lord,
who has conducted better groups than us,
will make His entrance at the proper time,
and though we lose the beat,
He has it.
In His mind and in His hand.
And the baton will come down
in His time.

Paper and patience

There have been few updates because there has been no news.  We sent our I-800a Supplement 3 for the address change off to USCIS this morning, but the pacing process remains the courts over there.

We had hoped to have Ana home for Thanksgiving.  Now I suppose we will hope to have her home for Christmas.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.