Friday, September 18, 2015


I guess I missed Ana's 7 and 8 month home updates! 

She's getting big and gaining weight! She weighed in at 36 lbs earlier this week.

She is healing well from her surgery and can now sit in various positions without traction for reasonable amounts of time. We are all looking forward to traction being over for good in two weeks. It has been awesome to see the improvements in her posture already.

She seems to be settling well in our family and has definite opinions of each of her brothers.

Took is her favorite by far, she shrieks with delight when she sees him and admires him quite a lot, it seems.

Porgies (who is demonstrating Ana's traction rig) makes her laugh, but she obviously thinks of him as an annoying little brother, which may be fair. It is encouraging to see such a normal healthy sibling dynamic developing.

Hopefully she will be able to get back into PT soon, and start speech and occupational therapy soon as well. 
She has repeated a word for me once... We were playing with the beach ball (her favorite toy) and I said "ball" about three million times... And then she said very clearly: "Ball!"
Wow! Amazing! She has not repeated her performance, but I wonder if there isn't some stubbornness contributing to her non-repeating as well as the obvious difficulty factor ;-)

I think that's all for now, I'll update more at 9 months if I don't forget ;-)