Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Please, if you have not seen it yet, go read Susanna's latest post and join in giving thanks to God, who raises up the needy and fills the orphans and widows. We trust that soon we will again start the long road in between before and after (as though God's healing were ever done! but milestones are to be celebrated).

Thank you for your prayers.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Good news!

Christ is risen!

In other good news, we have a new son! On paper, anyway. I expect we'll receive travel dates in about two weeks, and go from there.

Thank you all for your prayers, and we appreciate your encouragement and any support you feel called to give us (Reece's Rainbow page here).

In Christ,

Monday, May 15, 2017

Court this Friday


Thank you for your prayers, we were told that court was scheduled for Friday of this week. Last time, it took about 40 days between court ruling and travel, so we are praying for travel sometime in late June. That would be a pretty good time, all things considered.

Please continue to pray for us and for "Owen", as we get close to getting real. I am talking with the boys more about it, in hopes that they will be as prepared as possible.

In Christ,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Still waiting

Hello all,

Thank you for your prayers and your patience! We were told that things would be submitted to the court sometime this week, which likely means that the dossier gets put in some clerk's inbox, but we are praying for progress and praying for "Owen".

To be frank, we're somewhat terrified of the changes in family dynamic, which is stupid and faithless (which describes me, at least, reasonably well). But you know, Ana couldn't just walk out the door and down the street. Ana couldn't tear the house up. Ana isn't likely to stack patio furniture to reach the pool gate key (seriously irrational paranoia here). All of which fear is as foolish as the classic new-parent "why isn't my baby like their baby?" paranoia. So please pray for us. We need metanoia -  to repent of our fears, and repent of our selfishness, and repent of our laziness. And prepare our hearts to love as Christ has loved us, we who crucified him who yet forgave from the awful tree. But now he lives, and because he lives, we will live, and we will strive to live for him.

In Christ, risen, victorious, glorious,

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wheels turning

Article 5 interview is scheduled for Thursday, please pray it goes smoothly!

Also, please keep us (and especially Mama) in prayer for peace - we know we can't ever be fully prepared for an adoption, but "Owen" is in a much different place physically than Ana, so we are just somewhat afraid. But perfect love casts out fear, and we know our Savior is greater than all (especially us), and has trampled down death by death.

In Christ,

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Provisional Approval

Glory to God, we have our USCIS provisional approval! I'm not sure what order all the dominoes are in, but presumably things can move (further?) ahead in-country now.

Thank you for your prayers for "Owen" and for us.
In Christ,

Friday, January 20, 2017

Лека нощ от София

Thank you for all your prayers. The paperwork will proceed, and we will hope to have at least semi-regular Skype calls with "Owen". It was a good visit. I am looking forward to heading home, but had a good afternoon visiting some old friends and a new one.

S. Georgi, built by Constantine. My favorite church in town. I am sorry that I have never coincided with liturgy here.

 Sv. Sofia, built several times, but basically by Justinian I, about 550AD. Also sorry to have never coincided with a regular service, though I've seen parts of a wedding...

Cathedral Alexander Nevsky, the seat of the Patriarch of Bulgaria, built 1912. Truly magnificent, but very much of a different era than her older sisters. I failed to catch the golden dome in the above picture, so see below (photo by Harfang, courtesy Wikipedia, CC). I had not visited this one before, but was pleased to make it today in time for daily vespers. It takes a while to cense such a big church...

Thank you again for your prayers, God is very gracious.

For travelers by land, by sea, and by air,
for the sick and the suffering,
for captives and their salvation
let us pray to the Lord.

Господи, помилуй

In Christ,