Thursday, August 24, 2017


We are thankful for the progress that Stefan is making. He has much longer periods of calm, and is right now sitting on the couch with mama and the brothers, listening to The Borrowers. He has been going to sleep much better, often during bedtime Bible reading with the brothers. He's often up first in the mornings (very early), and toodles around the kitchen or the fenced yard until I get up to start the day. Ana's back in school, so that's good, and we have been thankful to our friends who have entered our life to help give more hands with Stefko.

Mama and Stefko in the mei-tai

Cute and busy little lady

Monday, August 14, 2017

Slow and steady

We are thankful that Stefko did a great job at vespers and liturgy Saturday and Sunday! He's definitely making progress (and church is a good periodic check), though the day-to-day is still a challenge.

He has more smiles, and occasional outright grins (below). He doesn't much like toothbrushes, and is pretty sure that topical essential oils (for a fungal spot) are the worst. His doctor's visit last week was good, but we are still waiting on his citizenship packet (to apply for an SSN) before insurance gets entirely straightened around. So, he might have a swallow study this week, but they charge something like $5/photon for those x-rays, so they're jumpy about people with not-quite-solidified insurance status.  Sigh.

Thank you for your sustained prayers, and God bless.

Friday, August 4, 2017

A month home (tomorrow)

Things are pretty good. Stefi plays for longer, waves goodbye (and blows kisses, which he saw Mama do from the car en route to an Ana appointment), and is slightly more able to contain himself while waiting for food to be prepared and served. Things are moving in a good direction, it seems. He goes to bed more peacefully, and is getting up maybe, slightly, a bit later. We appreciate your prayers, and beg pardon of infrequent updates - there's not much time to spare. Sorry.

These two are cute together. Water balloons are great.

This WAS three boys swinging, but once Papa stopped pushing and started taking a picture, a certain someone hopped out and wandered over to investigate.

I also reiterate our thanks to everyone who has helped us financially, with prayers, with meals, and with clothes. We're grateful. Also to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for their generous vouchers after our difficult time in Amsterdam. Unexpected help, and appreciated.

In Christ,

Monday, July 24, 2017

Three weeks in

It's a real struggle for traction to engage Stefan's attention and sustain it for longer than 2 minutes. But there are small steps forward.

Today is rainy, which is lovely, but things are a bit more stir-crazy than usual.

Also, if you wonder where MamaV went, her iPhone stopped supporting Blogger, and she doesn't really care to (or have time to) spend much screen time on the laptop (which is also kept up and away all the time). For the record, I'm currently listening in on my first work meeting back from 3 weeks of almost-blackout, which is really hard to do in aerospace.

We're trying to figure out how to care well for the family and me still have any time for work. We have a little more runway, my team is very kind and understanding, but there will need to be a resolution pretty soon. On the plus side, school starts for Ana in about two weeks, so that will be some load off during the days. The boys are troopers, but it's wearing on them. Choupinette has both loved the best and been the saddest - Stefi requires very similar attention to what she needs, and there has been a lot of competition over Mama. Ana is a patient sweetheart, and we try to make sure to spend some snuggle time with her. We are thankful for church and friends and family.

Christ is in our midst!
He is and ever shall be!


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Assorted things

Somebody loves his machina.

Somebody else loves tricycles so much...

She got her own.

And bentonite clay is used for sealing wellbores, and can also do a number on your pipes. Alternative toothpaste users beware. (This was the flood that preceded the fire - poor old shop vac had a hard time with the water cleanup - that preceded a very rough Sunday morning).

Thank you for your prayers!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Ten years ago today

These two funny people got married.

They had no idea.

They still don't, but they hope they are learning to repent.

Thank you for your prayers.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Aliveness check


We are so thankful for every new day. Stefan seems to be making connections, and finding some level of "fit". Interestingly, he and Choupinette seem to be pairing off (in a sense). They're the closest cognitively, and both seem to need the same kind of attention and can engage in similar play. It's so sad that Stefi has never learned to play. However, he was able to drive a Hot Wheels back and forth with me for maybe a dozen or more rounds. That was news (he ignored the cars completely in the hotel). He likes water play (and the kiddie pool arrives today, hurrah). The photo below is Mama supervising this on the back porch (taken through the kitchen window, sorry about the poor zoom).

Everyone's heart has been very full. There have been more random acts of frustration all around, and it's obviously pretty hard to ingest a total stranger with physical ability but no communication or relational skills into the sibling dynamic. But we pray. This morning was nice, I got to pray, do chores, get oatmeal going, and even try to do some work (I'm "on vacation" which means I dial in from home when I can).

Thanks for your prayers, we need them.