Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 2, Visit 2


Today's second visit was nice. "Owen" had a bit of a biting-the-cushy-rails time when he was mad about not being allowed to play with the Christmas toys, but we recovered. Today we listened to Italian Concerto all the way through, and Violin Concerto in Em (I think, the site was Italian). He also spent time chewing over the picture of Mama & Papa, which (according to Maurice Sendak) is a great compliment.

Much time this evening was spent finding open-access music that wasn't Bach. I love Bach. But I also love Carnival of the Animals, Pictures at an Exhibition, Ma Mere l'Oye, Bolero (I'm especially curious about his reaction to this one - if you know it, you'll know why), and some Palestrina. And more Bach (Christ lag in Todesbanden, anyone?). And some Vivaldi and Purcell, to round out the week. We'll see what he likes.

Oh, and I just found some Cape Breton sets - grand fine stuff. I know Ana would like it, so here's hoping.

Also, I just got a small mission - see if I can find anything out about "Paul". So, we'll see.

And I keep drinking ginger+lemon+salt in hot water and eating raw garlic. They're starting to get sick at home, so I wish to be fortified. Plus, my poor translator is getting sick, too. Your prayers for health and endurance are appreciated!

In Christ,

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