Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 1, Visit 2

The second visit went well for the first 40 minutes, then "Owen" got bored. I was insufficiently clear; phrases like "He's worn out now" don't register with non-native speakers. Nothing bad happened, but "Owen" spent most of the last 20 minutes sidling towards the door, trying it, and being gently redirected. The translator had explained that the Baba comes at 4:30 - I thought we were waiting, so I only said the ineffective phrase twice. Now I am reminded to be clear and direct. I don't want visits to be interminable captivity in an overstimulating playroom, and I believe we are only required by law to have one hour each day. I cherish the time, but he seems big enough to know when he's done, and I wish to respect that as reasonably as I can.

All in all, "Owen" seems well, and seems to be well liked. But the presence of the Christmas-donation toys in the room (which are verboten) is not helpful. Oh well.

He seemed more interested in me, and we walked around the playroom a number of times, him tugging my hand if he wanted to me hurry up, me tugging his hand if he started fidgeting with mini blinds. He was responsive to this level of redirection, which is good. The afternoon nurse was not as well beloved as the morning nurse, but it was fine.

Now I've eaten supper, whacked my head on an open cabinet door (drawing blood - laminate corner!), and am about to put together the last section of my Thermo lesson for my dutiful students who are doubtless ready and waiting to see when Thursday's lecture finale will post early so they can watch...

Thank you for your prayers, and please also remember the Glewwe family as they travel next week - it's homecoming with a very delicate girl, many days of kicking around Sofia, and a long flight.

Please keep Mama and the kiddos in your prayers.
In Christ,

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