Friday, January 20, 2017

Final visit of Trip 1

Today's visit was a pretty average-good one. "Owen" enjoyed some Clif bar, we listened to Brandenburg 1 and Italian Concerto in Fa maggiore, we looked at photos, we swung on the swing, and he sloshed some water when my guard was down.

One of the more kind nurses was with us today, and when "Owen" fed me back a bite of Clif bar, she noted that he never gives anybody his food. That was probably a good sign.

He didn't take to his monkey pack quite as much as I hoped - it wasn't the translator's satchel, after all. But he has it, it has his car, his album, his O-ball, and two Clif bars. I hope he isn't too sad when I don't come back this afternoon. And I hope he remembers me when I do come back in 4-6 months.

Now to go walk, pray to God at the cathedral, have dinner, and prepare to fly home tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers, our God is good and glorious.

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