Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 3, Visit 1

Today we got visa photos - or at least, I hope, one usable photo. "Owen" did not much want to sit still in a strange place surrounded by odd people with clicking machini and SO many pieces of paper to grab. But all went well, and he liked the ride in the truck, so that may bode well. But airplanes are a lot bigger inside than even a four-door Hilux. We'll see.

Playtime today was mostly Ravel (Bolero wasn't magic, but it seemed as interesting as anything else, and Ma Mere l'Oye was well-recieved; it's unclear if he likes Vivaldi, or just swinging while listening to Vivaldi. He likes to make noises on the radiator grille, and makes my hand make bigger noises. My ring on the grille is a favorite. Velcro is a favorite. We spent lots of time taking his shoes off and playing the Velcro, then putting them on. Seems like sensory toys are the right speed - the O-ball is good, the wooden car is meh, the Magna-Doodle may as well be on another planet.

He ate lunch with me, and we found a balance between him using the spoon (and jamming big bites) and me helping (with small bites). He didn't really need the help, but he liked it. He kept some of the chicken in his mouth for a long time, but left food in his dishes when he was full, so it seems to be sensory, not hoarding.

It was good to see his Baba today. He is clearly attached to her, and she is attached to him. This is very encouraging. Seeing happy bonds gives much hope that happy bonds can grow in time. She liked to see photos of the family and the boys' room, and she remembered Ana. She was also appreciative of Theo's chocolate.

It's nice to be at the apartment - I can make potatoes and eggs for breakfast. Today I topped them with goat yoghurt, sausage, white cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I continue to eat garlic,  and drink ginger tea, and am not feeling any worse. It helps that the coffee is instant-granules, as I don't care to drink more than two cups of that in any given day (but it's every bit as good as Folger's in the big red can...for what that's worth; I guess I miss good coffee). So I mince ginger and put hot water on it, and pray for avoiding the cold. My poor translator has it for sure.

Laundry should be done soon. It's a tidy little all-in-one, we'll see how it performs.
Update - it wasn't an all-in-one, it was just a washer that had lots of options. But now the clothes are drying on a laundry rack over the heater. Oh well, it should work fine. 

Thank you for your prayers. Please remember Mama and the kiddos, now it's off to visit 2 for the day.

In Christ, who is our life,

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