Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What's it like to be "mama na Ana"?

That's what I always say; "Ana, I am your mama! Mama na Ana (Ana's mama)!"

So, three sleeps in, here we are! 
Ana is doing incredibly. She LOVES snuggling on my lap, sometimes for as long as half an hour at a time! She just really likes to be near me, which is awesome, even if it prevents me from doing anything else. We just had a big cuddle session with singing and shoulder rubs and now she is a little tired, I think. Intense one on one interaction wears her out, but in a good way. After crowds, she acts very stressed, and after snuggling she just acts sleepy.

Having an Ana is a lot like having a newborn. She loves to be close to me, she cries at night, she can't roll off the couch (yet). I talk to her just like I talked to my other babies; telling her silly things, singing, asking her questions. She responds in a very rewarding fashion, with smiles and snuggles.

In some ways, Ana is unlike my other newborns. She has way more hair than my babies (curse that Northern European blood :-), and giggles more than any newborn. I can't nurse her, and I can't wear her in a baby carrier. I have to keep track of her long skinny legs more than I did with my other babies. 

I will do my best to update now and then, but for now I am just going to live a little.
Thanks for your prayers!



  1. Thanks for updating and sharing.
    Keeping you in my prayers. :)

    The other day my mentaly handicaped daughter (from birth accident) asked me :
    - Do people pary for me ?
    She asked about each person she knows and was so happy to have each time a "yes" for an answer.
    She often says : I have a mental handicap, God created me like that !
    Knowing that God loves her is very important for her. I hope one day Ana will understand how much God loves her and how much her mama and papa love her !

  2. It's wonderful to see Ana home at long last! Her face is so expressive, which I envy. My girls are rather deadpan from shutting down for so long in their orphanages, though if I work hard, I can get reactions and responses.


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