Saturday, January 17, 2015

North of the terminator

Over Greenland, where it is twilight, we can see a sunrise parked on the horizon for the winter. The plane tangos with the terminator when you fly a great circle starting at daybreak. It's beautiful.

Ana has been burning down the diapers. We are down to four, with about twelve hours to home. Maybe we can buy some in Denver. I packed enough and to spare for regular-gut Ana, betting that travel-gut Ana would get slowed down (my reaction), but she seems to experience the converse.

POSTSCRIPT: In a delightful twist, Ana was having loose stools in preparation for dealing with some serious constipation. This would explain her discomfort last night and why she has been off-and-on fussy while sitting up in seats all day. So now she is happy and smiling again, we're down to three diapers, and I am hoping she can sleep some. We are currently in polar night, and given our 0400 wakeup call and that it is 1920 in that time zone, she may.

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