Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Waiting and Learning

Ana and Papa are at the hotel, getting to know each other and waiting for TB post-check and consulate visit on Thursday.  Working back in time from now:

Ana likes the O-ball, and will move it around to the best of her ability, which is fun. Sometimes that means Papa fetches it back.

She did pretty well with a Pediasure+water+apricot nectar+Thick-it concoction.  She was NOT interested in the Andros Fruit-me-up strawberry apple goop today, though she liked it ok yesterday. There did seem to be a gag problem with it today that wasn't yesterday. She already has more saliva, so I wonder if she's getting saliva production with the fruit stuff that causes the gag (but I suspect saliva=hydration=good). The photo of stuff will be familiar, I suppose, to anyone who has spent time in dysphagia-town. I dig the Squish-Delish pouches - very easy to mix up thickened stuff.  The oral syringe, however...

was used to help clean her mouth out early this morning after she vomited a small amount.  It had been ~10hrs since her last feeding, she had a pretty good diaper in the middle of the night, and I am wondering if it wasn't the saliva - that's my working hypothesis, since she seems generally fine, alert, and happy.

Yesterday the poor dear got the TB prick (no veins big enough to allow blood draw), and meningitis and influenza vaccines, so we appreciate prayers for no adverse reactions. None observed so far, praise God.

She did well in the car ride, though it was a long day, and she was parched by the time we got to the hotel. Poor thing's lips are a good indicator of her general well-being, and they were dry and chapped by the time we got through the clinic and back to the hotel for some food. I may have overdone the apple goop, and I did shake out a probiotic into her spoonfuls of food, so there are some other possible culprits for her tummy upset.

And I think the nurse who sent her off from P- was about to cry when she kissed Ana goodbye. I am thankful to see that she was, in some measure, loved. Our God makes the sun rise in every place, and I am thankful.

And now it's a cold sunny day, and we will read some and perhaps sing and generally take it easy. Papa has been trying to eat adequately, and Ana did very well in her stroller at breakfast. Thankfully, it was not too busy today - she dislikes cacaphony very much. So Papa got to eat a big breakfast, pursuant to his general philosophy that one should eat lots of good food anytime one has the chance, for we know not the wends of the way, nor when we may have time to eat again.

Thank you for your prayers! My mom expressed the wish that she could do more for us (she is in Arizona). Please know, all of you dear friends, that there is no more or better you can do for us than to ask our heavenly Father's care for us, through the intercession of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. We ask no less and want no more than this.

In Christ,
Papa and Ana


  1. anna looks happy !
    God bless this incredible dad and sweet daughter !

  2. we are praying for you all here in TX!


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