Thursday, January 15, 2015

Various praises

All went very smoothly, praise God. TB check took about thirty seconds, embassy visit was longer, but most of that was security. Another family was at the embassy also, and they live approximately eight miles away from us. It's a small world. We swapped contact info, and hope to get to know them once we are back home. Their little girl was also from an orphanage, but it seemed like she was from a better orphanage than P-, so praise God for that.

The airport people were quick, and the carseat is now in hand, praise God.  We said good-bye to our translator and driver, D-, and took a walk down to the store for a bit more food. Thus provisioned for the flights home, we are settled into the hotel for the night. Mama, Took, and Porgies seemed well when we spoke, and we are praying that folks are healthy for when Ana and Papa return. We are also praying that the embassy processes everything smoothly so Ana can get her visa on her passport, and get everything back to us by the end of tomorrow so we can make our flight at 0700 on Saturday.

Thanks be to our God and Savior Jesus Christ, who leads us in triumphal procession.  I was thinking about that comment of Paul's, and the Roman triumph is the image in view, where the victor paraded at the head of a column of captives, often with the opposing king/chieftain degraded and mocked somewhere in the van. (Avoiding this, by the way, is why Mithridates killed himself/asked death [depending on whose history you read] rather than be taken captive by the Romans.)  So Christ parades as his own those former captives of Satan, now brought to his city under his dominion. But praise God that he has abased Satan and lifted up our heads!

Thank you for your prayers,
Papa and Ana


  1. great news ! will be praying !

  2. Oh, my goodness, Mama V! I just made all the connections! I have prayed for this little one for a very long time....and I am so encouraged by your posts on my blog! Thank you for your faithfulness in serving Him! So excited to continue to follow your journey!


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