Wednesday, January 14, 2015


2pm Tuesday: out for a walk. Ana likes the stroller (especially bumps), we tour downtown and pray in an old church (since we pray everywhere, why not there, too?).

3:15pm Tuesday : rest in hotel, Ana plays with O-ball, Tatko (Papa) works on some Sunday school planning.

6pm Tuesday: Ana eats half a jar of baby food (~3oz, woot!) and some thickened apricot nectar with water. Praise God for demonstrated appetite! We also Skype with Mama and the boys - it's their first time seeing Ana (Porgies calls her "nana").

7:30pm Tuesday: Ana keeps Papa company at his dinner.

8:45pm: Bedtime, though Papa stays up and works until about...

Midnight: diaper and back to bed.

8am: wake up and prepare for the day with diaper (decent #1, hooray!), warm washcloth wipe (which Ana loves, and helps slough off the accumulated dead skin from the orphanage), fresh clothes, make up food, and down to breakfast.

9:15am: breakfast for Ana and Papa. Ana consumes a mixture of Pediasure and apple/strawberry Fruit-me-up, about 150kcal, by my estimate (~6oz of thickened liquid). This is awesome. Papa continues to have super powers of eating many eggs in various forms. Ana's upset stomach and poor eating Monday/Tuesday may be attributed to Novogrip, the meningitis vaccine, which has a 10%+ chance of nausea and loss of appetite, irritability, headache, etc.  Comparing today with Monday/Tuesday, that fits the bill. We also meet the other American family over breakfast, with their 15-year-old adopted daughter, and enjoy our conversation.

11am: go to the store for more flavors of juice and food for Papa.

11:30am: play with zaek, O-ball, look at fotos, Papa writes blog post.

12:30pm: Papa finishes his writing as Ana blows raspberries at him. Lunchtime.

Thank you for your prayers!
Papa and a hungry and impatient Ana

1:30pm Update : Ana ate about 2oz of baby food and maybe an ounce of thickened cherry juice. She may have been oversalivating for the juice, it's a bit tart. So, a lighter lunch than I hoped, but breakfast was not long ago, and she is probably up to ~200kcal. Please pray that she is hungry for dinner! <\p>

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