Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A few updates

Ana had a 400-500kcal day, for which I am very thankful. Praise God that she has been eating until she gets full, and I am learning to read her signals better (sneezing food at you with a big silly grin means she is full).

We visited the Sveta N- church, which is a rich and gorgeous building, much more ornate than the (larger and much older) Sveta S-, to say nothing of the (possibly older, and certainly tiny and humble) Sveta P-.  But the priests were out for a smoke break, which I took as a healthy, human, humble sort of thing (too, Orthodox priests marry, another tick in their column).  With mittens, Ana did not have little icicle hands when we returned (it was maybe 1-2°C). So it was a nice afternoon.

She makes happy noises much more than she has, and seemed to be kissing her zaek back when we played hop-hop-hop-kiss (and her zaek is just like the bunnies that her brothers have - very thankful that the bag of toys we brought her did not get misplaced at the orphanage).  She makes the same sort of kiss noise (a tongue and tooth click) after I kiss her on the cheek, and not generally otherwise.  She was jealous when I talked to Maika (Mama) on the phone, and squeaked at me to come back and pay attention to her. I think this is good - she is starting to bond with me - but it will pose a hurdle when Maika becomes principal caregiver.  I return to teaching the Tuesday after we get back, so for at least a few hours in the afternoons, she will miss her Tatko. I guess we will just spend Sunday and Monday very deliberately sharing care of Ana to demonstrate our equal standing as objects of filial affection (is there another word than 'filial' for girls? Seems like there ought to be - fisial, perhaps?).  It was encouraging that we got several kind offers of help as we ascended/descended what passes for wheelchair-accessible ramps in this country (see below and try not to think of a cog railway).

All in all, it has been a very good day, and I am thankful to God, and to you all for your prayers. We go to the clinic (TB), consulate (passport), and airport (reclaim carseat from lost and found) tomorrow, so please pray that Ana does well with the outing, and that we stay healthy (and that Mama and the boys do, too; seems they may have a bug going round).

In Christ,
Papa and Ana

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  1. enjoying this beautiful tale of love and victory! i love the way you write, "papa".


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