Saturday, January 17, 2015


I thought about comparing Denver airport to Jersey, but it has always happened that I meet at least a few nice people in Jersey... But I suppose the Saturday night shift is the short straw, and they, too, would rather be home. And we may actually get to our home first.

We are thankful to report that Ana is a US person! Hooray! She still has a maroon passport, but we should get stuff from USCIS before too long.

Papa and Ana are both showing some wear after going full-steam for a full 24 hours now. But God is faithful and we met some God-fearing Guatemalans in the special customs room who blessed Ana and (using language with which I am much more careful) declared that God had sent our family an angel. This conversation ensued because I had spoken to Ana in a mixture of English, Bulgarian, and Spanish.

Time to turn off der handi.

In Christ on our way home,
Papa and Ana

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