Thursday, January 15, 2015

Consulate day!

Ana had about 160kcal for breakfast, comprising a jar of baby food and a pouch of juice+water+fruit puree. She is interested in eating, can suck food off of the spoon without full spoon insertion into her mouth (this is newly observed today), and is extremely conscious of signals (don't wipe with a napkin - that signals mealtime is over, and she gets upset if she is still hungry).  Keeping the food in sight makes her less worried. She signals satiety with an increasing grin density and decreasing eating rate. 

I'm trying to do substantial-ish food first, then a mostly-liquid-and-fruit thing for hydration. She made the first thing I would call a stool last night/early this morning, so that is excellent (and probably a result of the baby food). She had a good wet diaper an hour after breakfast, and her saliva seems to be normal.  (I have never been more observant of bodily functions, and never more thankful when I change diapers; if you are wondering why they are so much written about, it is because they are immediate answers to prayer and matters of thanksgiving.)

Today we go to: clinic, consulate, and airport. Ana's TB prick looks normal to me (judging by WebMD), so we pray that will be a speedy and easy visit. A US dignitary is visiting S- today, so please pray that does not affect business at the consulate. I hope the airport lost-and-found is easy to deal with, but I do have my claim check, so I hope it's quick.  This all happens over Ana's lunchtime, so please pray that we would either be able to find time to eat while out, or that she would tough it through to the return to our hotel. My valise is loaded with food, diapers, spare clothes, and documents, so I trust we will be ready for any exigencies.

Thank you all for your prayers. We are one day closer to coming home, Lord willing!

Also, for any of the families who have been in a similar situation, did your child receive the vaccine Nimenrix? If so, were there immediate negative consequences to appetite or of nausea? I am so thankful that Ana seems to have ridden that through, but I can't help wondering about Brandi (or even Katie, though her starting point was much worse).

In Christ,
Papa and Ana

PS- Rev.21:1-7 in Ana's language still brings me to thankful tears, and remains my favorite passage.

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