Saturday, January 17, 2015

En route

Waiting for the 747 to prep, and Frankfurt has free wifi (tut-tut, Istanbul).

Thank you for your prayers!
Papa and Ana


  1. great surprise ! I have my mind on you two ! ;)
    She looks so happy !
    Two years... at last ! :)

    1. You have been such an encouragement the entire time! Thank you, friend!

  2. :) Thank you but really... I would have liked to do more !
    It makes the time I am house bound more valuable... I have so much time to pray for people...
    I won't complain because I brought up my 5 children before this sickness. :)
    I will be praying for a good adaptation ! may God give you all the strenght you need !

  3. Thank you, Nicole. God has heard and answered many prayers, and it is such a blessing to have prayer warriors scattered around the globe. The sun never sets on the body of Christ.


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