Monday, June 24, 2013


Right now there is not a lot we can do that directly relates to the adoption process, but there are still lots of things to do to prepare.
I have been working on my hours of education through our placing agency. Fortunately, I have seen most of the information before. I didn't realize how much I had read until I started reading and recognizing so much material. I would like to thank everyone who presents adoption issues on their blogs in such helpful ways.
Other than doing mandatory training and lots of prayer ;-) there are a few other things that I have been working on to get ready.
-getting rid of stuff! We know that Garnet will need adaptive equipment and space for therapy, not to mention all the normal stuff like a bed and a high chair, so we have been seriously using Craigslist to clear the place out. Boy, does it feel good ;-)
-gluten free cooking! (And some dairy free, too.) I don't know when Garnet will be able to sit down at the table and eat what we are eating, but I want to be prepared to cook nutritious meals that are not hard on the gut when that time comes. This has had some added perks, too... I feel better, and when we have guests who can't/don't eat wheat, I don't get scared anymore!
-learning a little bit of the language that is spoken in Garnet's country. I have a list of common phrases on my wall, and can tell you "thank you", or "good night" off the top of my head. I am working on reading the Cyrillic alphabet fluently as well, so I am not totally lost ordering off of menus :-)

All this, beside normal mom and pregnancy stuff, has been plenty to keep me busy. Now we are just praying that our home study would be approved soon!


  1. You are awesome for learning the Cyrillic. I look at it and I'm like, "whAaaaa????"

    1. It really comes more easily than you think. At first I was always "translating" to the equivalent English letters, but now I pretty much just see the letters and think the appropriate sounds.


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