Friday, June 7, 2013

A jumble

Ally still hasn't shown up on Reece's Rainbow's My Family Found Me page...
Keep praying for that girl! The stats are really bad for orphans who age out of the system; it is very likely that she will end up on the street as a prostitute and die young if she is not adopted. More than that, she needs a family! It's not just about a safe future, but knowing the love of a family that is her own. She has been much on my mind.

On that note, HERE is the link on Reece's Rainbow to see all of the children who are at risk of aging out of the system. Even if they are severely mentally handicapped and the size of babies, when they hit 16 that is it. No more chance at a family. Those who are too sick or handicapped will probably die in an institution, and those like Ally... well, I already talked about that. Please think about the sweet teen-aged kids that you know and pray for these who have never known the love of a family.

The Saving Penny Giveaway over at A Perfect Lily still hasn't reached its fundraising goal, and as I mentioned, Penny's family will be needing a little more now because they are adopting Julia, too!
They are still giving away an iPad...
If you haven't stopped by to read about Penny yet, please do so!

I think that's about it; we are still chugging along slowly, praying for our girl and waiting for state approval of our home study so that we can move forward.

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