Wednesday, June 12, 2013


A lot of times when I talk to people about our EE adoption, the topic of Russia comes up. Because, y'know, Russia is close to EE. 
And then the person with whom I am having a conversation says something like "but they closed Russia." In the same sort of voice that they would say "Wal-mart closed at 10pm."

I remember my Christmas break in 2012. I remember praying for all those families in process in Russia, praying that Putin would not go through with this move, praying that there would be an exception for children marked SN.
I remember feeling absolutely sick when he signed the law.
People were outraged. People were heartbroken. 

And then the hubbub died down. Now people say "Russia is closed, right?"

Those kids are still there. They aren't on RR anymore, because they are not adoptable, but they are still there.
Families in the US are still separated from children who were so close to coming home.

What can we do? We can pray for Russia. Pray that the gospel would go forward, and that people would value life with their actions. That orphanages would be well staffed with loving people. That Russian families would want to adopt kids with SN.

There has been a lot of hubbub in the adoption community about President Obama's meeting with Putin this summer. People are hoping that this topic will be brought up.

If you have a link to the petition to get adoption on Obama's agenda, would you post it in the comments? If you have any other Russian adoption resources, or were in the middle of a Russian adoption, would you link in the comments as well?

Thanks, and pray for Russia!


  1. Did you see this on RR?

    Not to the petition, but I think you can find that one on line or off Adeye's blog (possibly....)

    1. Yes, I did! It looked very interesting.

  2. This post has some Russia links

  3. I miss my little boy that will likely never be home from Russia every day. Today is one of the harder days that come and go. I pray so hard for these sweeties. Awful what evil can do.


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