Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday in Bulgaria

I am thankful for the kind lady in the Sv. Sofia who gave Stefi a pastry yesterday. We sat and ate it and had some water outside the church in the garden (by Ivan Vazov, below). The photos are from yesterday, but my phone has troubles uploading more than one at a time, and I haven't had time to sit at the laptop until now as there is a pile of cashews keeping Stefi busy - did you know you can make cashew milk in your mouth? This I learned by observation.

The doctor's appointment this morning went as well as may be expected, given that he had to "sit still" for a Wilate infusion, and then for the topical adrenaline afterwards (total of about 30-40min). "Sit still" means "bodily restrained", which is taxing for all of us.

Now I am waiting for KLM to email me back about traveling with sharps and with perishable drugs - not sure what the story is there, but I expect inconvenience. Please pray that it's minimal.

This afternoon we go to the embassy, so we'll eat some lunch soon. I have been often convicted by the various things I think or say, they are lessons for me as much as for Stefan:

"Don't cram too much in! You lose it that way."

"There will be more later."

"Please just let me take care of you."

"Slow down."

It helps to see these as God's patient instructions to me, too. And he is more patient than I am.

Thank you for your prayers. We need them.

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