Friday, July 7, 2017

At Seta Paraskeva (repost)

Sorry - this comes of having two different devices, which are not always in sync.

I am grateful to the kind lady at the church who took time to comfort Stefan (who didn't know why we were going out again, but who was also going bonkers in the hotel). On the way back from the walk, Stefi pulled me back into the church and wanted to walk around inside. God is good.

But I am sorry to say that Stefan is pretty much ready to be American - he loves junk food and cars. The junk food is a fine tool, but he makes no distinction between moving or parked, sidewalk or street. So he is frustrated when we are around cars, since I try very hard to keep him away from them.

So the fenced churchyard was a welcome relief. It strikes me that you probably couldn't just walk around most churches in America, since they are (both legally and culturally) private property. In Bulgaria, I don't know what the legal balance of ownership is, but culturally, churches are public. Generally speaking, you can just walk in, and they are open most of the day, every day. Yes, churches had to be underground shortly after the resurrection and Pentecost, but the apostles were public in the beginning, Paul was open for business in the hall of Tyrannus. It's something to think about, as we seek to hold out the gospel to the world.

In Christ,


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