Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Aliveness check


We are so thankful for every new day. Stefan seems to be making connections, and finding some level of "fit". Interestingly, he and Choupinette seem to be pairing off (in a sense). They're the closest cognitively, and both seem to need the same kind of attention and can engage in similar play. It's so sad that Stefi has never learned to play. However, he was able to drive a Hot Wheels back and forth with me for maybe a dozen or more rounds. That was news (he ignored the cars completely in the hotel). He likes water play (and the kiddie pool arrives today, hurrah). The photo below is Mama supervising this on the back porch (taken through the kitchen window, sorry about the poor zoom).

Everyone's heart has been very full. There have been more random acts of frustration all around, and it's obviously pretty hard to ingest a total stranger with physical ability but no communication or relational skills into the sibling dynamic. But we pray. This morning was nice, I got to pray, do chores, get oatmeal going, and even try to do some work (I'm "on vacation" which means I dial in from home when I can).

Thanks for your prayers, we need them.

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