Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ana is a purple turtle!

Ana received her spine brace today! She doesn't seem to mind it, though as Took remarked "She can't do her slumpy trick anymore."

Hopefully we will be able to keep spine surgery at bay for a long time!



  1. oh she does look like a sweet purple turtle ! :)

    What about her head ? Does she always have it on the side ?Will they do anything for that ?

    1. She does that for all the pictures, doesn't she? :-)
      Her neck muscles are definitely imbalanced and she has very little head control. I imagine this will improve with time, practice, and therapy.

  2. What a neat device! And I like the purple. :)

  3. She's such a happy girl! Such changes - I just can't get over the sparkle in her eyes!


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