Thursday, April 16, 2015

3 months home!

Yesterday was Ana's three month home day!
She is doing well. As you can see, she loves to eat sweet potato blender food.

She has gotten louder. Happy noises, sad noises, angry noises, experimenting with noise noises... They have all gotten louder! She is very communicative. I have no idea what her speech potential is, but she definitely values communication and wants us to know her needs. What an amazing blessing! 
She generally sleeps well, sleeping through the night about 80% of the time. With Porgies who sleeps through the night about 50% of the time, this means that some nights are great, and some nights are not for sleeping. As someone who idolizes sleep, I have had a hard time with this, but I suppose it's actually a pretty gentle way of having an idol taken from me. 
Ana always allows us to comfort her. She is very welcoming of love and affection from Mama and Papa, and from her brothers as well. When she can't fall asleep in her own bed, she will sleep in my arms (anyone who has adopted from an orphanage knows how AWESOME this is). I have to remind myself how huge this is when she is snoring on my shoulder and all I want is sleep :-)

She has gained 3 lbs since coming home. We are still working on optimizing her diet, and it's a moving target, but I am very positive about her ability to avoid a g-tube. 
Completely unshockingly her vitamin D levels were basically nonexistent. We are working with her pediatrician to get those levels up. She hates her supplements and lets me know it :-)
She has been fitted for a spine brace. Her spine is curvy, but very flexible, so the brace should be very effective and not too uncomfortable. I am excited to see how her body responds to some good support! 
Her hips are the biggest medical issue that we need to address. Her thigh adductors are very contracted so that her legs are permanently crossed. As she has gained weight this has gotten more uncomfortable for her. As much as I don't like major medical interventions, I want to have hip surgery done sooner rather than later. 

It has been wonderful to see Ana's progress in these 3 short months, and we are thankful to God for his preserving and protecting our family.


  1. So glad to reed all these news !
    Thank you !
    God bless your family ! :)

  2. Is it possible to pull her into your bed and then you could sleep WITH her? Good bonding stuff. You often hear that with newborns, sleep when they sleep! Praying for your sweet Daughter.

    1. Yep! Sometimes having her in our bed works great, sometimes it's awful. The sleep saga continues...


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