Saturday, June 14, 2014

We have travel dates!

Now pour on the wisdom, folks!

Only Papa can go, how do we communicate while he is in the country?

Any advice for what to pack/what not to pack?

He will be traveling at the end of June/beginning of July. We appreciate your prayers!


  1. Hotels have wifi, it didn't require anything to use it. You can get an international plan for phones but we didn't find it necessary.

  2. Use only wifi at the hotel and use Facetime. That's all I did on my 5 week trip to Ukraine. So happy for you!

  3. I met your daughter a few days ago while we were there visiting our son!!
    You will have wifi at your hotel at both of the hotels you stay at if you are staying at the hotels that AAC suggests to you! The hotel in region does not have wifi in the rooms but does in the lobby and if you ask for room 100, that room is close enough to the lobby that you can get wifi in your room ;)

    Pack lots of baby toys, lights and sound toys, textured toys, vibrating toys, a measuring tape, tylenol/ibuprofin. In region they do not have washcloths in the hotel rooms, so if you really want one, bring one but I just used the big hand towel and was fine. Good walking shoes, the sidewalks are horrible.

    Things I wish I hadn't bothered to pack: clothes for the kids, we never did try them on because they were traumatized by the visiting experience already.

    My guy with CP from there is only 3 years 8 month and I only brought baby/toddler toys and most were still WAY beyond what he was able to do. O-Balls and other products made by them were by far his favorite.

    The playroom is VERY hot and muggy, we were in there for our first visit and he hated being in there, don't be afraid to ask to go outside, we spent the rest of the week outside where he could be cooler and more comfortable. Ask to watch a physical therapy session, we had to ask but they were fine with it and it showed us how much more he could do than we realized even after 4 days with him.

    Lots of prayers for you all!

    1. Thanks for all the details! Can I ask you questions privately about Ana?


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