Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Dear Anastacia,

We are waiting right now.  We would very much like to come visit you, meet you, and know who you are.  We pray for you.  Your biggest brother reminds me if I forget sometimes (but I don't forget you).  God knows you, and God does not forget you.  God has plans for you, Ana, and for our whole family.  I don't know what those are, but I know they are wiser than I could ever imagine.

We are working on the new house - it should be the house you come home to, and we want to make it clean, snug, and welcoming for you.  Your brothers are growing fast.  I wonder how big they will be when you come home.  (I wonder how big you will be when you come home.)  You have very nice brothers, and they will help take care of you.

You also have the best Mama in the world, though you don't know that yet.  You will.

Your Papa wants to lead his family to Jesus, and that's the most exciting thing we have to tell you: Jesus loves you.  We will work on this one a lot.  Your brothers are learning it, too. Your Mama and Papa are still learning it.

We love you,


  1. Funny you should ask. Yesterday we were at step "interminable waiting on ex-comm-bloc gov't" and today we are at step "scrambling because we got tentative travel dates for two weeks from now". We should get confirmation tomorrow, and then I expect we will post something more detailed.

    BTW - any experience flying through Hamburg?

  2. Yay!! I Know someone else who will be there the same time, same area too I think! How exciting, I know it has been a long time coming. We got our travel dates today but won't be leaving for another month.


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