Tuesday, October 22, 2013

God is so Good

After 50+ hours of labor I successfully gave birth VBAC to our second son, Baby G!

He is so sweet. He eats and sleeps well. We love him so much!

Please keep us in your prayers; Papa is sick and we have biometrics coming up soon.

Those of you who have done biometrics, is this the sort of thing I should take my newborn to?


  1. I was terrified for my first biometrics appointment, so it was a huge relief (and embarrassment :)) That I literally went inside, did finger prints, and was back out to my car within 5 minutes. I don't know for sure if there are rules about babies, but in my humble opinion there should be no problem.

  2. Ps. Sweet, beautiful baby :) Congratulations!

  3. Such a handsome little man!!! CONGRATS!!

  4. Congratulations, MamaV!! Such a beautiful baby boy!

    Taking little one with you to biometrics shouldn't be a problem. Just wear him in a wrap or something so that others won't touch him (and spread nasty germs) and so that you have hands free for finger printing.

  5. We took all 4 of our kids when we went (and one in the belly), it was fine :)

    Congrats! He's precious!


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