Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Tiny Heart

Our God alone does wondrous things.  That is a comfort to me every day.  It has been so hard to see our son mourning his grandpa.  He has little or none of the emotional armor that we adults like to fashion and hang about ourselves.  His is simple grief, and raw.  Mama and I have been praying for him much, and I trust that this is God preparing us for something related to loving tiny, simple, broken hearts.

We are (of course) still in pain ourselves, so I did the only thing I know how to do for putting emotions into words, and wrote our son a poem.  I share it with you to inform your kind and much-appreciated prayers for our family as we balance sadness at a deep loss with joy and anticipation of God's growth of our family.

You loved him for a little while,
the best ways that you knew,
you smiled and ran and hugged his legs,
he'd smile and hug you, too.
He liked to take you out for walks,
to Sonic, and the store,
you'd sit with him for stories
on the couch or on the floor.
I know you loved your Grandpa Bob,
your papa loved him too,
we'll miss the ways he cared for us,
the little things he'd do.
Lord Jesus came and took him home,
and though it makes us sad,
we have to trust that Jesus Christ
does nothing that is bad.
He loves the little children,
like Grandpa Bob loved you,
he wipes away their tears and gives
them wondrous things to do.
Lord Jesus took our Grandpa Bob
because his work was done,
and you and I must trust him
in the work he has begun.

Please keep our son in your prayers, too.  But thanks, thanks, thanks be to God who has given us the victory who follow Jesus Christ! (I hope you hum the Messiah for the rest of the day - it's what we've been listening to in the car for the last week).



  1. His grand father will always be in his heart and in his head !
    That's what helps my special daughter !

  2. Thanks Nicole. My sis-in-law just today put together a lovely collage of family pictures dating back to my high-school graduation. We'll work over those with our son in the weeks to come, I think it will help. Lots of prayer, too.


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