Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In the works...

In answer to K's comment on my prior post, yes, thanks. We found a pretty good structure on Craigslist, and the boys and I went to disassemble it last Friday. We all melted into little puddles - it was in the high one-teens, and we worked from 1-4pm. Dumb, I know. But it fit the seller's schedule, and meant we could get the U-haul back on time.

Then (after smoothies) back home to unload it into our yard...

 Yeah, I know. Looks like a semi-organized tornado hit.

But it's coming back together - and my friend helped me get the chains, ropes, deck and slide in place since this photo was taken, so now the boys can go up and come down, which is very important.

It was just in time for the back wall to be repaired, so the timing was perfect. 

Today I stopped by the thrift store that's on my bike route to work, and we have some assorted Stefan clothes. It's a scattershot of 5, 6, & 7, which will actually fit right in with the scattershot assortment of clothes he's used to wearing from the orphanage. Still need to get briefs, though.

Also, we learned the bureaucratically obvious fact that the state supplied medicine for S.I.Tomov, a ward of the state. And the state will not supply medicine for Stefan Thomas Miner, the child of an American family. So we get to navigate that out-of-pocket, whoo.

We are still accepting donations through GoFundMe, but I will take it down once the play structure is complete and photographs have been shared with all our supporters. (That may be after I get back, we'll see...)

Thank you for your prayers, I fly on Friday, arrive Saturday night, and am hoping to attend liturgy in St George (the one Constantine built). Pray for Mama and the kiddos, please. Miles to go. But at least I am meeting my work deadlines before leaving...

In Christ,

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  1. Good to see the play structure and level yard! We will be praying for your whole family and looking forward to lots of photos after you return home.



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