Friday, June 30, 2017

En route

Thank you for your prayers, I am en route to SOF via SFO and MUC. In SFO right now, made sure FaceTime worked (cute daughters are still cute via FaceTime, check), and just waiting for the next flight. I am pretending it is morning, since I need to be up for another day or so, in order to hit the hay around 11pm local time in Sofia. And I'm hoping to make it to liturgy in the morning...

But behold, a pretty darn complete play structure! Praise God that the monkey bars didn't take me down last night - they tried. But they're on now, and things are almost all zipped up. I took down the GoFundMe - thank you to all of you who donated. We are so blessed by all of our friends and helpers - and an extra thanks and congrats to those of you who have stayed with this blog long past the completion of its original intention!

When you have seen the worst
and then the worst
and from there, 
even seen the best for what it is,
a poor but blessed shadow of 
the good that is to be,
and you have not flinched at the everyday works of God
(unexplained and unexcused as they are)
and you have shared with us
a road that led 
into a road that led 
into another life,
and remained steadfast 
in prayer
in love
and in pain,
there is little left to say
thank you.

And may the Good Shepherd
unerringly lead us all
into His fold
and remember us
in His kingdom.

Lord, have mercy.

Thank you all.


  1. You really scored with that play structure! I love the ramp. I might have to alter mine when I finally get it together. It's been in my driveway for the past 4 years! I've finally reached out for help to get my fence fixed and the beast assembled.

    Safe and happy travels!

  2. Thanks K! The boys love it, which is the real test. Best of luck with assembly - ours was no small task! But, many hands and many days make reasonable work.


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