Monday, March 2, 2015

Medical update

We saw orthopedic recently, and are debating the merits of hip surgery first vs. spinal surgery first. Neither is an emergency, both need to be done.

We did a head MRI today and saw a neurologist to check out the "hydrocephaly" diagnosis on Ana's file. Turns out that there is no hydrocephaly worth mentioning and her brain looks stable and fairly healthy. Praise God!


  1. great news ! there is a butterfly somwhere in this little girl ! :)

  2. Hmm, surgery is always a big decision since recovery has to be considered. In my experience with my own girls, their spines actually straightened with careful stretching as they gained weight and grew. Of course, I learned this after they scoliosis due to rapid growth with better nutrition at home vs. orphanage, and atrophied muscles vs. stretched ones. Ana's case, though, is much more extreme than my daughter's was. It's hard to know how long to wait and see as she begins to get more and more healthy, but keep stretching (as her condition allows) her out so that her bones grow straight and shift as she begins to hit a rapid growth phase.

    1. Ana's spine is actually very flexible and I am hoping to hold off spinal surgery for as long as possible. Her hips are very bad, however, and having them reconstructed will really open up possibilities for her...


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