Tuesday, March 10, 2015


If you have not read Susanna's update on Katie, please do. 

We had older adult friends over for dinner last night, and I remember thinking "Ana's acting really weird".  I strongly suspect she was attention-seeking.  Although I was holding her on my lap or shoulder for most of the evening, she was much more wiggly and turned away much more than she might on a normal evening.  Unfortunately, we did not guard her well enough, or prepare our friends for this (really-shouldn't-be-unexpected) hazard.  So she got some pats and caresses that I would prefer she not have gotten from (effectively) a stranger.

We have explained to people at church a bit about our bonding concerns, so there have not been problems from that quarter, and people have been very supportive while appropriately distanced.

Interestingly enough, she does not attention-seek from college-age kids, praise God (as we continue to lead the church college group in our home).  She must never have interacted with young people at the orphanage (I certainly did not see anyone younger than me when I was there), so perhaps she never developed a habit of trying to lure them. 

Our family has been so thankful for the Musser's honesty and clear engagement with post-adoptive stuff, and I continue to be convinced that we pretty much have it easy because God is carrying us.  Our job is not to squirm, fight, or try to wiggle away.  Sounds familiar, no?

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