Monday, September 29, 2014

Inching Forward

The report today:

'They said your [case] is in "the next group". They sent another group to court today, so I am hopeful that "next group" means next week.'

Praise God!  We have been very encouraged by all of you who have prayed and have supported us via YouCaring and otherwise.  Our God is a good God, most of all seen in the light of the knowledge of the face of Jesus Christ.

(PS- We have been experimenting with not having internet at home, because it saves money and time.  That's why Papa has been manning the blog for the past few weeks.  Mama still gets emails and such a few times a day, but she quipped recently "with no internet and no mirrors, I have no excuse to waste time!"  She and the boys are well.  We planted some flower seed this morning, hoping to capitalize on the recent rain and the turn in the weather.  Autumn in Arizona is odd, but pleasant.)

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