Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Take Your Tater to Work Day

God is so good in so many ways.  My work these past few months has meant I spend less time with my family than when I was just a student with the concomitant flexible schedule.  So yesterday when I had to run up to our church in the middle of the day to unload chairs for our new sanctuary, Tater begged to come along.  My day was already very interrupted, so I didn't argue.  He played outside for a while and then played in the church nursery while I moved sixty new benches into the sanctuary (solo - noon on Tuesday is not a good time to ask around for help).

Then we ate hamburgers.  Nothing motivates this kid like food.  He was in a pile of toys and the bare mention of "haamboorgurs" (as he repeatedly declared) got him cleaning up in a flash.  We ate at In-N-Out, and he talked about it for the rest of the day.

He is a determined eater.  This was not the end of the meal. About half of that tomato and lettuce went into the maw, too.

Then (because he eats slower than Papa and it got late) he got to come to work with me.  This was a stressor, as it was during naptime, but he did great.  Papa had office hours and talked to students, then Tater got to climb stairs, look at the "diiinosoar", the "funny robot car" (pictured - a Curiosity replica, for you space enthusiasts), "rocks from space" and all the other fun things we have on display in my building.  (I work at a university, and the building I office in has a lot of science-trinkets). 

Anyway, I share this just because I am looking forward to having Ana home with us, and that for many reasons, but basically all the same ones I would list when explaining why I enjoy spending time with my boys: to see their joy in God's creation (and, Lord willing, in time, joy in God himself), to see what they like, to give them my time, to teach and train them.  Ana will be part of our family, and I know there will be a lot of work to do, but I look forward to little pleasures like going places with her and seeing smiles (Lord willing) and maybe even interest in funny robot cars, too.

Thank you all for your prayers for our family.  We're excited to get through the USCIS "slough of despond" process and move on to more paperwork submission, but this time for another country!


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