Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mulligan Stew

Adoptive mom and blogger Julia over at Micah 6:8 has the coolest fundraiser going right now.
Her Mulligan Stew is raising funds (through Reece's Rainbow) for a bunch of families who are in the process of adoption, and for a bunch of kids who don't have committed families yet.
She has a whole system set up; there are instructions for how to donate, and tons of prizes. But even though one of the prizes is a mini iPad, they are not the most exciting part of the fundraiser...
The most exciting part is that as the fundraiser has been running, kids from the "no family yet" category keep getting bumped into the "my family found me" category. If you hop over to her blog, most of the recent posts are Mulligan Stew related and tell the cool stories of the families stepping up to love these kids.

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