Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Still waiting

Hello all,

Thank you for your prayers and your patience! We were told that things would be submitted to the court sometime this week, which likely means that the dossier gets put in some clerk's inbox, but we are praying for progress and praying for "Owen".

To be frank, we're somewhat terrified of the changes in family dynamic, which is stupid and faithless (which describes me, at least, reasonably well). But you know, Ana couldn't just walk out the door and down the street. Ana couldn't tear the house up. Ana isn't likely to stack patio furniture to reach the pool gate key (seriously irrational paranoia here). All of which fear is as foolish as the classic new-parent "why isn't my baby like their baby?" paranoia. So please pray for us. We need metanoia -  to repent of our fears, and repent of our selfishness, and repent of our laziness. And prepare our hearts to love as Christ has loved us, we who crucified him who yet forgave from the awful tree. But now he lives, and because he lives, we will live, and we will strive to live for him.

In Christ, risen, victorious, glorious,


  1. You're not being faithless. You are being realistic and running through scenarios that will help you protect your family. Fear is a gift, too, it helps us prepare and protect our loved ones. There's even a book that I highly recommend called The Gift of Fear. It helps us pay attention to our God-given gift of fear and ignore worry that wastes energy and is pointless.

  2. You can also buy door alarms and motion sensors at the hardware store. That way you can track where he'll be in your house - especially if he's inclined to escape. They can sound like some store door do with the long "ding dong" sound when the doors are opened, or with a steady alarm.

  3. Thank you for your prayers and suggestions, K!

    In Christ,


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