Wednesday, December 7, 2016

...and wait

Well, last week we shipped out everything for the dossier, and now we are praying that the MOJ will process it smoothly. Back to waiting mode...

Ana's last post-placement report was sent to her agency Monday. It's been almost two years?!

In other news, the semester is almost over, just one final to administer then grade. The kiddos and I have all been sick, but we are recovering, praise God. It is cool here (cold, for an Arizonan), in the 40s-50s at night, and highs in the 60s, and we are enjoying that. House projects have stalled due to much kiddo care, but I plan on a decent winter break, and should be able to make headway. The garden grows well, we are eating our own lettuces and kale, and the cole crops are coming along in spite of the caterpillars. Mama has been getting to know the ladies' group at church, and has been enjoying that (but she says we look so forlorn when she comes home...I don't know what she means). We have an extra bed in the boys' room. So we will wait to hear.

Thank you for your prayers.
In Christ,

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  1. Two years already? No way!

    Hoping everyone is well at your house again soon and that the dossier gets processed smoothly and quickly! Praying hard!



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