Monday, October 3, 2016

An Update!

Hello to anyone who still follows our blog!

We have good news - the I-800A has been approved (after two stumbles en route - we're short of sleep around here). We are honestly pretty tired, and while we pray for "Owen" much and press on, it's more of a march than a sprint right now. But that's not a shock to anyone who's set out to do a hard thing.

Right now, we have more paper to do to finalize the dossier documents. Then we ship off the big stack, and wait again.

To those of you who may read this blog and have adopted boys in the age range 5-7yrs, any helpful comments?

To any who wish to help us out as we bring "Owen" home, please see his Reece's Rainbow page here:

Stay tuned - we hope things will get more active here before too long.

In Christ,


  1. The first B son we adopted came home at 6 years old. Happy to answer any questions.

    His SN were considered minor and he's had to learn and overcome so much since home. His delays were, and still are, much greater than we expected.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I followed you blog back when you brought your first son home from B...

  2. I tried to follow link to Reece's Rainbow, but it wasn't live/blue?

  3. It has now been hyperlinked, sorry.


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