Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ana sounds

I am notoriously not a picture/video taker,* which means that most people have no idea what Ana's range of oral expression is. 

Ana came to us with a little laugh, and a little cry, and we have watched that expand into a huge repertoire of noises. 
Ana giggles, cackles, and laughs. Ana whimpers and bawls and screams. But most excitingly, Ana sings "Ana songs" and uses consonants. My sister who is finishing up nursing school heard Ana "talking" the other night and got really excited; she is beyond just baby babble, and is using a wide range of consonants. Here are some of my favorites:


"Mamama!" (No semantic value yet, but I am excited for when it clearly means "mama")



Those sounds are usually expressed in long strings, ending when she needs to come up for air.

However, she has a one syllable word that she says very expressively. I have no idea what it means but I grin every time she says it:


We haven't started speech therapy yet, but I am suspicious that she'll do really well if she decides she's on board.

*it doesn't help that every time I DO try to get a video of her talking she shuts up and grins at me. Thanks, Ana ;-)


  1. Funny how all the cute stuff stops the second the video camera comes out. That happens in my house, too!

    It would be very exciting to see what Ana decides to do with speech therapy. My little one was completely apraxic and learned one sentence immediately, "I am done." It was very segmented, but gave me hope she'd learn quickly. It was another 6-9 months before I saw another leap and it was hard to feel hopeful during that time. Now, at 1 yr. + of tons and tons of speech therapy, at nearly 4 yrs. of age, she is finally making great strides. Her verbal ability is up to 2.5 yr. olds and continues to progress every day.


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