Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hey folks!
I am new to the special needs community and there is something that baffles me: where does all the used gear go? I am on the lookout for a chair for Ana, and I can't find something used anywhere!? Is there some "underground" of which I am not aware?
It's not that I am against buying something new; I have done it before and will probably do it again... It's just that I have a REALLY hard time believing that every parent that has ever bought a special tomato size 2 sitter still has it kicking around their house.
Any pointers, experienced parents? Forums or websites of which I am not aware?
All help is appreciated!


  1. I believe there are FB groups you can get used stuff on. I don't have personal experience so hopefully someone who does will chime in.

  2. here in France It is payed by the social security and after we oftent send them to africa.
    This doesn't help you ! ;)

    1. Could be the same here :-) I wouldn't know

  3. Wherever I've lived, there has always been a group one can donate equipment to who then distributes it to those to need it. They usually have a place they set up once a week, or have a website with a list of what they've got. Your physical therapists might know of one in your area or whoever is in charge of your child's case if you are hooked up with a center that oversees your daughter's services.

    See if there are parent groups, too, which would be another good source.


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