Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rejoice with those who Rejoice!

The Huizingas, I mean.  They have their girls home safe and sound, praise God!

We are so happy that Penny (who was the first little girl on our radar) has a happy, safe, God-fearing family to be a part of.

Our paper wheels continue to turn slowly, we think.  There's a document (HS amendment) to apostille (when isn't there?), so I need to get down to the capitol sooner or later...


  1. Thank you guys for rejoicing with us. We are continuing in prayer that your process really starts moving along SOON! God's timing is good, all the time. (But in our human impatience. it's nice for stuff to move faster!)

  2. Thanks! We're currently working through a paper kink (resolvable, and, we think, being resolved shortly), and God knows his business better than we do.

    God bless you guys!


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