Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I am putting together a photo sheet for our dossier for Garnet's country, and I thought I would share with you as well...

Our not-so-photogenic abode:

Well, okay, the front is not so bad...
The music room. I don't do too much performing these days, but that harp used to get a lot of use!
Here is our main room. What do we like? Books. And apparently leaving toys all over the floor.
Our bedroom. All three of us share it... for now...

Papa and Mama (on our anniversary!)

Our only ex-utero, in-country child. Let's call him "Tater" (short for potato, short for... you don't really want to know :-)
Mr. Tater again. He loves to be outside!
Our classic family picture, in which Tater is much smaller... we will do another set this fall, I expect.
 Now the real question is...
Does Mama look like that slender lady in the family picture?
The answer...

Mama, for real, at 35 weeks pregnant. This one does not go to Garnet's country :-P

 So there you have it.

Our house does have a couple of other rooms, but they aren't very photogenic either. I really didn't want to document my kitchen... Hopefully they will take my word for it that we have one.


  1. Congratulations on the new addition, MamaV! (And you have a lovely house too!)

  2. Thank you! We are excited to have all the children that God is bringing to us!

  3. you look glowing!!! The house is pretty.

    1. Thanks! I am beginning to be suspicious that this baby has more than the ordinary amount of knees... ;-)


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