Saturday, August 31, 2013

Please pray for us!

I think I speak truth when I say that it is a busy season for us.
Papa is busy with his full-time work plus fixing up our new house.
Baby is due in ~7 weeks.
We are seeing motion in our adoption process, and need to make time to do the work that we are supposed to do for that.

We have an unexpected opportunity... One that deserves careful consideration and lots of prayer. Also waiting. So many things require waiting!

In the midst of all this, we are working on building our marriage and our family. It is not easy! But it is good, and we are thankful for all that God has given us to bless and refine us during this time.

Thanks for your prayers!


  1. did you see ? ally's family has a blog !

    1. I just went and looked! I am happy to see that she has such a sweet family coming for her! Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  2. :) I was visiting your page and clicked on Ally's picture... and discovered the great news !


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