Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forty to Forever

Basically nothing has happened since I last posted; we are still waiting on our home study to get rolling and chipping away at the dossier.

On a more interesting note, check out FortyToForever. It's a Lenten fundraiser run by an ambitious mom for 40 different orphans (actually, I think she managed to cram in more than 40).
One little girl, Lina, who the fundraiser is supporting, has captured my heart every time I see her picture. She needs a family! She lives in R*****, and is most likely affected by the adoption ban, but that doesn't mean that a Canadian family might not be able to adopt her, especially if she were fully funded!
Go check it out! Look at pictures of Lina and see why I think she is so dear.

***Update*** Lina is not eligible for Canadian adoption. Her life depends on a lift of the adoption ban, or an exception for special needs orphans.


  1. Thank you so much for blogging about Forty to Forever! Unfortunately, Lina's region does not allow adoptions from Canada. I was heartbroken when I heard that! Lina's only chance is for a reversal of the adoption ban or an exemption for special needs children.

    Like our partners at Reece's Rainbow, we are standing firm with these precious children! We are praying that God would remove these mountains and when the time comes her family will be able to move forward quickly. Money can not be an obstacle!

    If the sad day comes when Lina truly becomes unadoptable, all the money raised will be able to be given to another waiting child in need. Thanks again for your tremendous support.


    1. Dalas, thank you for clarifying! I am so sorry that Lina's region doesn't allow Canadian adoptions. We will continue to pray for her!


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